Question: What is a group of losers called?

What do you call a group of losers?

WABOL. (redirected from What A Bunch of Losers)

Which of the following is another word for losers?

Losers Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus .What is another word for losers?flunkeesrunners-upalso-ranssore losers

What is the meaning of Losser?

: an element inserted into an electric circuit (as of an amplifier) for providing impedance so as to prevent resonant electric oscillation.

What do you mean by looser?

Looser is defined as more relaxed, less tight or easier. An example of looser is curly hair after treating with a relaxing product. An example of looser is a pair of pants that were tight before you lost twenty pounds. An example of looser is a parent changing their teenagers curfew from 11pm to midnight. adverb.

What does it mean when a boy calls you a dork?

Dork, when used to refer to a socially awkward or inept person, is a relatively recent word: our records indicate that it first appeared in writing in the 1960s. The usage of nerd is now often used in a neutral fashion to denote enthusiasm or expertise (theater nerd) or proudly as a self-identifying trait (word nerd).

What does louser mean?

nasty person / (ˈlaʊzər) / noun. Irish slang a mean nasty person.

Which is correct loose or lose?

Generally, Lose is a verb that means “to fail to win, to misplace.” Loose is an adjective that means “not tight.” Well explain the grammar more here. Its very common for someone to use a word incorrectly as there are many words that sound similar but mean very different things.

Is dweeb a bad word?

(US, slang, pejorative) A boring, studious, or socially inept person. An unpleasant, tiresome, and socially inept person. A techie dweeb is a nerd or geek.

What Schmo means?

noun, plural schmoes. Slang. a foolish, boring, or stupid person; a jerk. Also schmoe . Sometimes shmo .

What is meant by Google dorks?

A Google dork is an employee who unknowingly exposes sensitive corporate information on the Internet. Google dorks put corporate information at risk because they unwittingly create back doors that allow an attacker to enter a network without permission and/or gain access to unauthorized information.

How do you use loose in a sentence?

The screw became loose. She let her hair fall loose down her back. The dog broke loose from the yard. He let the animals loose.

What is a Dingis?

1 informal : an often small article whose common name is unknown or forgotten : gadget, doodad sense 2 In his [Dashiell Hammetts] writings of the period from 1924 to 1952, dingus signifies, variously, a magicians prop, a typewriter, a short story, a novel, and an elusive artifact, a black bird better known as the

What does Sweeb mean?

: an unattractive, insignificant, or inept person.

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