Question: Why did POF delete my picture?

ITS JUST PLAIN INAPPROPRIATE AND/OR DISTURBING. Again, though it seems self-explanatory, some members need a reminder of what isnt cool to be posting on your profile. If your photo is violent, graphic, distasteful, or offensive in any way, it just doesnt have a place on Plenty of Fish.

Why wont POF upload my photos?

If your image is not uploading to pof profile, you may not upload a JPG, GIF, or BMP image for the following reasons. Your image does not meet and has been removed from our guidelines and if you want to delete POF account then go through our dating category page.

Did POF delete my profile?

PlentyOfFish has access to advanced software as well as an active user base who help flag these inappropriate photos. When we find them (and we will, even if they are hidden), your profile will be deleted.

How do I allow images on POF?

Public Images on POFLog into your POF account.Select Edit Profile at the top of your screen.Then, choose to Upload Images.You can upload as many public images as you please. They will be visible on your profile.29 Jan 2020

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