Question: What is the first date restaurant called?

Review of Paternoster Chop House. Description: Paternoster Chop House is more commonly known as the First Dates restaurant, on Channel 4s smash hit programme. It is located right underneath St Pauls Cathedral, with a spacious terrace ideal for al fresco lunches and a cosy bar for after-work drinks.

Does Fred own the First Dates restaurant?

Fred Sirieix (French pronunciation: ​[siʁjɛks]; born 27 January 1972) is a French maître dhôtel best known for appearing on Channel 4s First Dates, and BBC Twos Million Pound Menu. Sirieix is the founder of National Waiters Day, the training tool the Art of Service, and the Galvin Cup and Galvins Chance charities.

Can you have a meal in the First Dates restaurant?

Is the First Dates restaurant open to the public? Good news! Members of the public can dine at the restaurant when filming is not taking place. While you cant get your claim to fame by waving in the background of one of the episodes, you can try out the food for yourself.

Who are the First Dates waitresses?

Among the new staff will be waitress Daniella, David and Fiona, alongside veteran cast members including Merlin, CiCi and Grant.

Is Merlin from first dates married?

Merlin has been with partner Lucile for over a decade. The couple met at a cocktail competition more than a decade ago, and they share one child together.

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