Question: Is discord just IRC?

Discord, overwhelmingly. Every IRC community I used to be a part of even a year ago has made the jump. Discord provides seamless cloud message logging, mobile notifications, intuitive clients, a huge ecosystem of easy-to-use bots, and integration with games that just works without the user having to set anything up.

Is Discord same as IRC?

Discord is a web, mobile, and desktop application, designed to add voice channels to a slack-like (and hence IRC-like) chat system to make an integrated experience for people playing multiplayer games. Its like a cross between Slack and RogerWilco. How is it better than IRC? It has prettier client software.

Does Discord support IRC?

The channels on Discord are bridged to IRC so users on IRC will see your messages posted by the phpbb-discord user while posts from IRC will be flagged with a Bot flag next to a users name in Discord.

Is IRC still a thing?

IRC is an internet protocol for real-time communication online. Although many fancier chat applications have appeared since it emerged way back in the 1980s, IRC is still going strong, and provides a viable alternative. If you want more information on IRC, is a good resource.

What does IRC mean in Discord?

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a text-based chat (instant messaging) system.

What is the difference between Slack and discord?

The main difference between the both lies in their target community. Discord has almost become synonymous with gaming with millions of gamers using the platform for live chat, screen-sharing, etc. Slack, on the other hand, is exclusively used for business communication.

Is slack just IRC?

IRC is a protocol, Slack is a client/app that uses protocols (one of which used to be IRC).

What will replace Discord?

Best Discord alternatives you can tryTeamSpeak. Troop Messenger is a simple team communication and collaboration tool for small, mid, and large-sized teams. Troop Messenger. Looking for a robust alternative to Discord? Slack. Chanty. Flock. Raidcall. Wire. Steam Chat.

Is Slack basically Discord?

Slack vs. Discord is an interesting battle, both the tools are loved by millions, provide similar services but are used by two very different communities. Discord is the go-to app for gamers all over the world while Slack is a business communication platform.

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