Question: Why did Tyra and Erik break up?

Tyra Banks has split from her photographer partner, Erik Alsa. According to Page Six, the pair, who were together for five years, broke up after struggling to keep their relationship on track after the birth of their son. The insider said: “It came drama-free and theyre co-parenting their young son.”

Is Tyra still with Erik?

Erik Asla and Tyra Banks made quite the stunning couple. Shes a supermodel and businesswoman, and hes a successful photographer and father-of-four. Although they broke up two years ago, the pair remains in each others lives thanks to the one thing they have in common: their adorable son, York.

Who did Tyra Banks marry?

Erik Asla Tyra BanksHeight5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)TelevisionAmericas Next Top Model The Tyra Banks Show Americas Got Talent FABLife Dancing with the StarsPartner(s)Erik Asla (2013–2017)Children17 more rows

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