Question: What happens when someone blocks you on Facebook Dating?

Your current Facebook friends and anyone you blocked on Facebook wont be suggested to you. Basically, Facebook Dating will only match you with non-friends, and optionally friends of friends (you can turn this on or off in the settings). That means, no, you wont get matched with your dad or uncle.

What happens if you block someone on Facebook Dating?

Blocking someone in Dating doesnt block them on Facebook or Messenger. Anyone youve blocked on Facebook will be automatically blocked in Dating.

How do I get unblocked from Dating on Facebook?

To unblock someone, tap Unblock next to their name .How do I block or unblock someone on Facebook Dating?Go to your Facebook app and tap , then Dating.Tap Matches, then tap the Dating profile picture of the person you want to block.Tap in the top right.Tap Block [person] in Dating, then tap Block.

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