Question: Is there an app for the autistic community?

The Social Express II This app, part of The Social Express online program, teaches kids how to think about and manage social situations, develop meaningful relationships, and succeed in life. Try it out! Get a 10-day free trial of The Social Express (and the app!) for Autism Awareness Month.

Is there an app for autistic people?

Proloquo2Go. Proloquo2Go is an app specifically designed for people who are nonverbal. It promotes language development and allows people to communicate through the use of pictures. Its designed not only for autistic children, but their families, therapists, and educators.

How many autism apps are there?

There are nearly 700 mobile device apps listed on “Autism Apps” section on Autism Speaks website (Autism Apps 2017).

What is touch autism?

Autistic people have unusual responses to affective touch, which conveys social and emotional information. Their responses may reveal how autism begins.

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