Question: What is the saddest Taylor Swift song?

Whats the saddest song of Taylor Swift?

10 Taylor Swift Songs I Love to Cry ToWhite Horse Youre Not Sorry Back To December Last Kiss All Too Well I Almost Do Sad Beautiful Tragic The Moment I Knew One of Taylors saddest tracks to date, “The Moment I Knew” tells a true story in crushing detail.More items

What is Taylor Swifts biggest hit song?

SHAKE IT OFF Taylor Swifts Official Top 20 biggest singlesPOSTITLEYEAR1SHAKE IT OFF20142I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE20123BLANK SPACE20144LOVE STORY200916 more rows•Aug 22, 2019

What is scientifically the saddest song?

According to Dr. Witchels formula, which measures the listeners heart rate, respitory response, and skin temperature, the all-time saddest song is… the Verves devastating 1997 dirge “The Drugs Dont Work.

What are the top 10 saddest song?

Best sad songsImage: Ensign. Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinéad OConnor. Image: Universal. Hurt by Johnny Cash. Image: Reprise. Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Neil Young. Image: Virgin Records. Teardrop by Massive Attack. Image: Rough Trade. Image: Food Records. Image: Columbia. Image: Kill Rock Stars.More items •Jul 26, 2021

What is BTS saddest song?

What are the saddest BTS songs?First Love - Oh god, Sugas rapping here is so deep. Butterfly (Prologue Mix) - Butterfly is a sad song in general (its about someone disappearing from your life) but the prologue mix just cranks it up to 11.More items •Apr 8, 2018

What songs to listen to when youre depressed?

21 Songs People With Anxiety and Depression Recommend1. “ Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran. “Unwell” by Matchbox 20. “Better Place” by Rachel Platten. “Screen” by Twenty One Pilots. “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. “Last Hope” by Paramore. “Heavy” by Linkin Park. “1-800-273-8255” by Logic feat Alessia Cara, Khalid.More items

Who wrote girl crush?

Lori McKenna Liz RoseHillary Lindsey Girl Crush/Composers

Which BTS songs can make you cry?

We have selected the five saddest BTS songs from our playlists. Keep reading to find out! First love talks about Sugas road accident from 2012 when he was a trainee. Outro: tear was inspired by the groups struggles in 2018 when they even considered disbanding.

What is BTS biggest hit?

BTSs Butter Is The Biggest No. 1 Hit In The History Of Billboards Global Chart.

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