Question: Where can I complain about eHarmony?

Can I get a refund eHarmony?

During the eharmony cancellation period, you can get a refund or exchange by contacting the eharmony Customer Service Team. Refund is available on 1st time purchase of any subscription and a pro-rated refund is calculated. However, no refund is available on successive renewals, boosts, or incognito purchases.

Can I dispute eHarmony charges?

Even though eHarmony doesnt offer a solution for them, DoNotPay can come to the rescue. We built our methods around the Fair Credit Billing Act of 1974. According to this regulation, you have the right to dispute credit card charges up to 60 days from the purchase.

Is eHarmony a reputable company?

We found eharmony to be one of the most effective sites for finding long term and serious relationships. Especially for those above age 30, the site has the largest number of members looking for love and who arent looking to play games.

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