Question: Is Juggalo still a thing?

According to the National Gang Intelligence Center, there are more than one million self-proclaimed Juggalos across the United States. It is estimated that 85–90% of self-described Juggalos are peaceful, non-criminal music fans.

What are Juggalo gatherings called?

Described by Joseph Bruce as a Juggalo Woodstock (Juggalo being a nickname for fans of the Insane Clown Posse), the Gathering of the Juggalos spans five days and includes concerts, wrestling, games, contests, autograph sessions, karaoke, and seminars with artists.

Does ICP always wear makeup?

They wear their makeup everywhere — including in their new movie Big Money Rustlas, which was just released on DVD. The face paint is an important part of their respective characters, and wearing the makeup allows Juggalos to identify each other more easily.

Is ABK still with psychopathic?

James Lowery (born June 26, 1973), also known as Anybody Killa, or ABK, is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan, United States, whose stage persona is that of a Native American warrior. He was signed to Psychopathic Records, but is now under his own label Native World Inc.

How many artists are on Psychopathic Records?

Since its foundation, the label has featured 23 artists and bands from the United States, predominantly around Detroit, Michigan. Two now defunct subsidiary labels, Ax & Smash Records and Urban Music Zone, were created under Psychopathic Records. In 2007, Psychopathic founded its third subsidiary label, Hatchet House.

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