Question: Should you take relationship advice from friends?

Friends can be a wonderful source of emotional support, but its wise to think very carefully before acting on their advice when it comes to your relationship troubles. Have the confidence to believe in your gut feelings and past experiences, and learn to balance the opinions of other people with your own.

What to tell a friend who is having relationship problems?

Gently suggest that the person communicate more clearly with the partner or examine his or her expectations and contributions to the problem. “I” statements are great for this, Dr. Doherty says, as in, “One of the things Ive learned is that when I dont speak up I cant expect him to know what I want.”

What do you say to a friend in an unhealthy relationship?

Be a patient listener – let your friend know that you hear what theyre saying and that youll support whatever they decide to do. Remind your friend that they deserve respect, honesty, and open communication. Help them to see that abuse is never okay – and that its never their fault.

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