Question: Why did Geek and Sundry close?

Why did Geek and Sundry end?

In an announcement video, Mercer, Marisha Ray and Travis Willingham revealed that Critical Role would be separating from Geek & Sundry to more fully take the reins of its creative direction. The show has been completely owned by its creators from the beginning, making this split more of a production-related decision.

What happened with Felicia Day and Geek and Sundry?

And Geek & Sundry is without Day, its founder, who grew fatigued in a less creative, more managerial role in the company. She left in 2016. “I gave it my heart and my soul,” she says. “When I realized I had given as much as I could, I needed to move on.”

Does Felicia Day still own Geek and Sundry?

Felicia Days Geek & Sundry acquired by Legendary Entertainment for a new digital video network. Geek & Sundry, the video content company launched by Sheri Bryant and Felicia Day (of The Guild fame), has just sold to Legendary Entertainment for an undisclosed amount.

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