Question: Why is Halo 2 multiplayer so hard?

Halo 2 has the highest skill ceiling of all the halos because of the button combos and how oppressive some of the spawn trapping is. Theres people whove been playing the game since release years and years ago so youll run into really good players sometimes in it.

How do I get better at Halo 2 multiplayer?

How does one get good at halo 2-3?Work hard to improve your BR. The battle rifle is the most versatile, useful weapon in the game, and it is gonna be your best friend once you master it. Grenade placement is key. The grenades move at different arcs in both games. Dont just rush.

Who is the best Halo 2 player?

Tom Ryan Tom Ryan, known under the pseudonym Ogre 2, is a retired professional Halo player from Columbus, Ohio, widely considered to be the greatest Halo player of all time. He and his twin brother Dan (Ogre 1) are known as the Ogre Twins.

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