Question: Is Poole Pottery worth anything?

Wares from all periods of Pooles history are highly collectable with prices ranging from a few pounds to several thousand.

Is Poole Pottery still going?

Poole Pottery came out of administration on 10 February 2007 and was under the control of Lifestyle Group Ltd, which also owns Royal Stafford Tableware. The pottery shop opened on Poole Quay, selling Poole Pottery giftware (first and seconds), lighting, tableware and studio ranges. The shop closed down in 2017.

Is all Poole Pottery marked?

Poole Pottery is nearly always marked on the base; it is very rare to find an unmarked piece.

Is Hornsea Pottery valuable?

How much is Hornsea Pottery worth? In terms of a Hornsea Pottery price guide, much of the common pieces are very reasonable indeed. Expect to pay around £15-18 for a large Heirloom storage jar or biscuit barrel, with the smaller storage jars retailing at around £10.

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