Question: How do you get a stunt person on Hollywood U?

Stunts are a base type, so you only need one character in the party at Club VIP to have the Stunt trait in order to possibly get a Stunt student.

How do you get a diva on Hollywood U?

The male Diva can be purchased in the Store for 460 diamonds, while the female Diva costs 800 diamonds. This simply indicates that the female Diva is the rarer classmate because she costs more. When selling the Divas, the male is worth $21, while the female is worth $22.

How do you get a celebrity chef on Hollywood U?

Celeb Chefs can be placed in either the Pop Star Dorm, Movie Star Dorm, or Director Dorm.

How do I start a new Hollywood U game?

How do I restart my Hollywood U game?Log out of your Google Play(Android) or Game Center (iOS) or Amazon (Kindle) account. If you were not playing using Google Play, Game Center, or Amazon, try clearing the game data and cache from your app manager, and relaunching.More items

How do you reset your progress on Hollywood U?

There are a few ways that you can restart/ reset your game. 1. Log out of your Google Play(Android) or Game Center (iOS) or Amazon (Kindle) account. Re-launch game and either play with a DIFFERENT Google Play/Game Center/Amazon ID or choose to play with a new local game.

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