Question: What to do when you find out where a sex offender was convicted?

Are sex offenders tracked?

In California, sex offenders designated as high-risk are placed on actively GPS-monitored caseloads, while non-high-risk sex offenders are on passively GPS-monitored caseloads. However, in the state, information in both caseload types is received at near-real-time inter- vals.

Can I view the sex offenders register UK?

If youve searched for information online, you may have seen headlines promising a map or list of sex offenders in your area, but in the UK there is no public sex offenders register.

How long do you stay on sex offenders register UK?

If you are sentenced for a sexual offence for between six and 30 months, you will be placed on the register for ten years, or five years if you are under 18 at the time of the offence. Once your name is on the register, it will remain there for the duration and cant be reviewed.

How do I find out if someone is on the sex offenders list UK?

Alternatively you can go to a police station and ask them for a Child Sex Offenders Disclosure Scheme Form (Sarahs Law), or Form 284. If police checks show the individual has a record for child sexual offences, or other offences that might put the child at risk, the police will consider sharing this information.

Can you find out if a sex offender lives near you UK?

There is no process in the UK for you to find out if a sex offender lives in your area. Sarahs Law lets you ask the police whether a specific person who spends time alone with a child or children is a Registered Sex Offender or is a risk to the child or children.

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