Question: Are there websites for people with herpes?

MPWH. MPWH stands for Meet People With Herpes, and its one of the most popular herpes dating sites on the planet. Designed specifically for individuals who live with HSV, and although there are members located across the globe, the majority of registered users are from the US.

Are there dating apps for people who have herpes?

MPWH is an STD Dating APP for meeting people with herpes, a welcoming, warm-hearted community for Herpes Singles to chat with other STD friends. To form a private community, our app is only for people with genital / oral Herpes. We will remove your account from our app if we find that you are not living with Herpes.

How do you meet someone when you have herpes?

If your partner has cold sores and performs oral sex, or performs oral sex when you have genital herpes sores, the virus can spread. People often contract herpes this way, especially if they dont know how the virus is transmitted. You can also contract herpes through other skin-to-skin contact.

Do you legally have to tell someone you have herpes?

Is it Illegal to not tell someone you have Herpes? No, it is not illegal to not tell someone you have herpes. However, if you are in an intimate relationship with someone, it is best to let your partner know that you have an STD. This will allow you both to take precautions to minimize the spread of the STD.

Will herpes ever go away?

Herpes has no cure. But antiviral medicines can prevent or shorten outbreaks during the time you take the medicine. Also, daily suppressive therapy (for example, daily use of antiviral medicine) for herpes can lower your chance of spreading the infection to your partner.

Can I sue the person who gave me herpes?

Someone gave me a sexually transmitted infection (STI) - Can I sue them? The answer is yes. If your sexual partner has knowledge that they have an STI and doesnt tell you, then you have grounds to make a claim for compensation.

Can you still donate blood if you have herpes?

Yes, you can donate blood even if you have herpes — but only if youre not having an outbreak of symptoms and if its been more than 48 hours since you finished an antiviral treatment.

How can a woman tell if she has herpes?

The first herpes outbreak often occurs within the 2 weeks after contracting the virus from an infected person. The first signs may include: Itching, tingling, or burning feeling in the vaginal or anal area. Flu-like symptoms, including fever.

Are STD records public?

​The Alberta Health Information Act (HIA) will fine and may lay criminal charges to anyone who isnt authorized to look at, collect, use, or disclose someones health information. This means that your health information (including test results) will be kept private and is protected by Alberta law.

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