Question: What is the best suburb in Gladstone?

Is Gladstone Queensland a nice place to live?

Gladstone on the Central Qld coast has a beautiful harbour with fishing and boating being some of its attractions.It is a great place to raise a family and with the abundance of industry also offers great work opportunities.

Is Gladstone a good place to invest?

If youre not already familiar with Gladstone, or you are and havent been looking, heres 5 great reasons to buy in Gladstone now: Rental vacancy rates less than 1% which mean a good return for investors, fewer days on market as well as plenty of potential upside with future capital growth.

Are Gladstone house prices rising?

The median house price in Gladstone has risen by three per cent over the past five years, with only Burdekin registering a lower percentage. Domains chief of research and economics, Dr. Nicola Powell said regional Queensland, including Gladstone and Rockhampton, had seen a dip in unit prices.

Is Gladstone going to boom again?

People and employment in Gladstone The population is expected to reach 34,215 by the end of June 2019. One of the reasons the growth rate is steady is employment rates. This can only be a good thing for the property market and the employment rate which has been hovering around 7.8 to 8% since 2017.

Will Gladstone recover?

Gladstones vacancy rate fell to 3.1 per cent from the 11.3 per cent vacancies in March 2016. A 3 per cent vacancy rate indicates a balanced market. Gladstone is now in a position where prices can recover, said Mr Ryder.

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