Question: How do you talk to a skater?

What are some skater words?

Skateboarding lingo you wont learn at schoolGnarly- (narlee) Gnarly is originally a surfing term but skaters use it avidly to describe anything that is awesome, amazing, retarded and/or dangerous, crazy and downright reckless. Sketchy. Make. Landing Bolts. Dial/On lock. Snake.Oct 16, 2016

What do skaters like in a girl?

Skater girl fashion is usually a combination of punk, scene, and tomboy. Here are some ideas to get you started: Go monochrome with black jeans, black skater shoes, a faded black or grey vintage t-shirt, and a black and red cap.

What is skate slang for?

SKATE or Die As a verb, it is employed to describe the act of moving or riding on skates, passing over or referring only fleetingly to a problem or subject, or making quick and easy progress through. According to the Urban Dictionary, a skate is also a street term for ecstasy and a scale to weigh drugs.

What is SK8 drug?

On the dating section of Craigslist (American classified advertising website), SK8 is used to describe someone as drug and disease free and carries a connotation of generosity and kindness.

What are skates drug?

Slang Methamphetamine. v. iced, icing, ices.

Who is the number 1 skateboarder?

1. Rodney Mullen. I think its safe to say without a doubt that Rodney Mullen is the godfather of street skating.

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