Question: Why dating your best friend is the best?

When you are dating your best friend, you already know how to talk to one another. You also have valuable insight into what makes your partner upset, and you probably know strategies to avoid the things that might set them off. While this wont be enough to avoid an argument for a lifetime, it will surely help.

Why do best friends make the best lovers?

Researchers found that lovers who are also close friends enjoy better sex, more love and greater commitment. The findings show that those that those who had high scores for investing in the friendship aspect of the relationship were also more likely to score highly on romantic commitment, love and sexual satisfaction.

What do you do when your Dating your best friend?

10 Useful Tips For Dating Your Best FriendDont rush things. Manage your expectations. Be honest. Know the stakes. Listen to yourself. Plan romantic dates. Dont end up being friends with benefits. Bask in the glory of love.More items •Mar 12, 2021

Should I marry bestfriend?

With your best friend being your life partner, you two just cant stay mad at each other for a very long time. You just cannot stay mad at your best friend because there is so much that you want to tell him/her, so marrying your best friend means fights can be resolved quickly.

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