Question: Where did Meissen sell most of their porcelain?

Meissen hard paste porcelain was developed near Dresden, Germany in the 18th Century. Meissen porcelain is still made today as Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH.

Where was Meissen porcelain made?

Germany Meissen porcelain, also called Dresden porcelain or porcelaine de Saxe, German hard-paste, or true, porcelain produced at the Meissen factory, near Dresden in Saxony (now Germany), from 1710 until the present day.

What is the best porcelain brand?

- A -Thomas Goode - since 1827. Tiffany & Co. VERSACE - since 1978. VILLEROY & BOCH - founded in 1748. Vista Alegre - since 1824. WATERFORD - originally founded in 1783. WEDGWOOD - since 1759. WEDGWOOD & Bentley - since 1762.More items

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