Question: Why are Libras so attracted to Virgos?

Virgo admires Libras clear mind and drive for balance in all things. Virgo likes to keep their business private, so Libra will need to curb the tendency to tell all. A Virgo thats pressed for personal details will shy away. This is another difference since Libra is the social gossip of the zodiac.

Is Virgo and Libra sexually compatible?

Virgo & Libras Sexual Compatibility “Virgo will fall in love and fantasize liberally about Libra,” Garbis says. “They will do anything they can to please them and get them into bed.” As a more reserved Earth sign, Virgo will take their time to learn more about their Libra crush before making a move.

Are Libra and Virgo compatible?

Libra and Virgo Love Match Virgo is duty-bound and nurturing. While Libra is also a sign that will do what needs to be done, their priority will be more on the reality than the idealistic acts. When earth and air make love, a hurricane is sure to occur. This zodiac pairing is sure to be compatible in bed.

Are Libra male and Virgo female compatible?

Libra Man And Virgo Woman: The Love Affair The Libra man is ardent and emotional in his essence and thus readily forms a strong connection with the Virgo woman. She on the other hand, is as gentle, soft and tender as she is cranky, irritated and furious.

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