Question: What are Serbians known for?

Is Serbia famous for anything?

Serbia is known for many things including its culture, history, delicious cuisine, and nightlife. It is home to roughly 7 million inhabitants and it lies at the crossroads of Southeast and central Europe. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia is ranked among the largest and oldest cities in southeastern Europe.

What is special in Serbia?

What is Serbia Most Famous For?Devils Town.Belgrade.Drvengrad and Šargan Eight.Uvac Special Nature Reserve.Sokobanja.Gamzigrad-Romuliana.Tara National Park.Vrnjačka Banja.More items

What characteristics do Serbians have?

Serbs are very social and outgoing, and they tend to be very open with each other about personal, emotional issues. Soccer, tennis, and basketball are the most popular sports and young Serbs also enjoy hanging out at cafes and local neighborhood restaurants.

How many millionaires are in Serbia?

A total of 2,400 dollar millionaires live in Serbia, 110 people with USD 10 million each and four people with over USD 100 million, as shown by the latest survey of rich people throughout the world carried out by Knight Frank and published last week, the newspaper reports.

Are there billionaires in Serbia?

This is a list of wealthy Serbs .List.NameMiroslav MiškovićCitizenshipSerbiaNet worth$2.8 billion (2008)Source of wealthagriculture, real estate, distribution, retail3 more columns

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