Question: Are there any security risks with Ashley Madison?

Just to refresh your memory, Ashley Madison suffered a massive security breach in 2015 that exposed over 300 GB of user data, including users real names, banking data, credit card transactions, secret sexual fantasies… A users worst nightmare, imagine having your most private information available over the Internet.

Is Ashley Madison safe to use now?

Is Ashley Madison Legit? Yes, Ashley Madison is “legit” as long as you keep your expectations in check. Most of the time people asking these questions want to know whether the site is full of real users there because they want to hook up.

Is Ashley Madison confidential?

Since the sites beginning in 2001, Ashley Madison has been regarded as one of the best hookup apps around, a dating site for people who are in unhappy marriages and/or unsatisfying serious relationships, Ashley Madision is discreet, trustworthy, and extremely popular.

Did Ashley Madison recover?

Regaining their place in the business of adultery was an uphill battle from there. They had to spend a massive chunk of their revenue in settling lawsuits. But the biggest battle was regaining their users trust. In that year, Ashley Madison reported a 5% increase in revenue.

When did the Ashley Madison scandal happen?

On 18 and 20 August, the group leaked more than 60 gigabytes of company data, including user details. Because of the sites policy of not deleting users personal information – including real names, home addresses, search history and credit card transaction records – many users feared being publicly shamed.

Where was Ashley Madison founded?

Ashley Madison is a membership website and service based in Canada; its membership includes more than 60 million people in 53 countries. The company announced plans to launch in Singapore in 2014.

Who is the owner of Ashley Madison?

ruby Ashley Madison/Owners

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