Question: Whats playing on Jazz FM?

What frequency is Jazz FM UK?

102.2 MHz 102.2 Jazz FMBroadcast areaGreater London (FM), Nationwide (Freeview) Nationwide (Sky Digital) Greater London, Yorkshire, South Wales and the Severn Estuary, West Midlands, North East England, Central Scotland (DAB)Frequency102.2 MHzSloganGet it onProgrammingFormatJazz7 more rows

What station number is ABC Jazz?

channel 201 On your TV If youve got a free-to-air digital TV (ie most TVs in Australia), then you can find ABC Jazz by tuning to channel 201.

What TV channel is ABC Jazz?

channel 201 Which ABC radio stations are available on TV?ABC Local Radio (your state)TV channel 25ABC JazzTV channel 201ABC Kids listenTV channel 202ABC CountryTV channel 203ABC News on RadioTV channel 2045 more rows•28 Jun 2021

What station is ABC Classic FM?

FM FrequenciesMHzplocation92.9mSydney/Gore Hill (ABC Tower) (NSW)93.1mWinter/2 5km NW of Port Lincoln (SA)93.3vBroome/1816 Farrell Street (WA)93.3mMount Dundas/Broadcast Australia Tower (VIC)55 more rows

What frequency is ABC?

Appendix 12 - Radio transmission frequenciesABC RadioStateArea ServedFrequencyNSWTumut97.9NSWUpper Hunter105.7NSWUpper Namoi99.1126 more rows

What digital channel is ABC?

Digital TV Manual Tuning Frequencies - Kurrajong (UHF)NetworkServiceFrequencyNine NetworkTCN564.5 MHzNetwork TenTEN550.5 MHzABCABC543.5 MHzSBSSBS557.5 MHz1 more row

What channel on the radio is ABC?

Appendix 12 - Radio transmission frequenciesABC RadioStateArea ServedFrequencyNSWWalcha88.5NSWWalgett105.9NSWWilcannia1584126 more rows

What does CJRT stand for?

CJRT-FMProgrammingFirst air date1949Call sign meaningCanada Journalism Radio TechnologyTechnical informationLicensing authorityCRTC16 more rows

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