Question: Do couples from Are you the one stay together?

While Amber and Ethan were together for most of season 1, they didnt figure out they were officially “perfect matches” until the season finale — and theyve been together ever since. They got engaged during the reunion special, and are now married with two daughters, Scarlett and Serena.

Are any of the couples from Are You the One season 1 still together?

Amber Lee Diamond and Ethan Diamond are the only match still together, and theyre actually married with two kids! Check out an adorable Instagram post of them above.

Are Haley and Jacob still married?

The pair seems to agree that they did not work well together. Haley Harris from Lifetimes Married At First Sight reveals where she now stands with Jacob Harder, also known as Jake. The reality television star finalized her divorce early this year following the shows Decision Day.

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