Question: What do you need to know about Birdy dating app?

Birdy begins with an assessment that determines which of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types you most closely resemble. Each personality type is paired with a different cute animal and image, such as an owl, crow, eagle, or cockatoo.

How does the birdy app work?

Birdy is a dating app that puts personality before everything else, Birdy connects people based on their compatibility on core aspects of their personality (inspired by Myers-Briggs), and compatible users have to stand out from other compatible profiles through what they have to say rather than by how they look.

Which MBTI is the hardest to get along with?

The Hardest Truth for You to Accept, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality TypeINFJ: Even the best-laid plans are sometimes thwarted. INTJ: The world is full of unpredictable outcomes. INTP: People do make emotional decisions. ENTP: If you never commit long-term, you never make deep impacts. ENTJ: Youre not superhuman.More items •9 Jan 2019

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