Question: What is the use of VLOOKUP in Excel?

VLOOKUP stands for Vertical Lookup. It is a function that makes Excel search for a certain value in a column (the so called table array), in order to return a value from a different column in the same row.

What is the purpose of VLOOKUP in Excel?

When you need to find information in a large spreadsheet, or you are always looking for the same kind of information, use the VLOOKUP function. VLOOKUP works a lot like a phone book, where you start with the piece of data you know, like someones name, in order to find out what you dont know, like their phone number.

How do I use VLOOKUP in Excel for data?

How to use VLOOKUP in ExcelClick the cell where you want the VLOOKUP formula to be calculated. Click Formulas at the top of the screen. Click Lookup & Reference on the Ribbon. Click VLOOKUP at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Specify the cell in which you will enter the value whose data youre looking for.More items •18 Aug 2021

How do I compare three sets of data in Excel?

2:124:02How-to Graph Three Sets of Data Criteria in an Excel - YouTubeYouTube

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