Question: How did someone hack my password?

Sometimes phishing emails contain malicious software, or malware, either in attachments or in embedded links. By downloading the malware to their computer, people increase the likelihood of having a keylogger installed that can then capture their passwords and send it to a hacker.

How can you tell if someone is using your password?

Sites like Google and Facebook let you see a list of every login or attempt to log into your account and where it came from. If you think your account may have been accessed by someone other than you, check it out. If you find any strange activity, log out of those sessions and change your password.

How long should your password be?

Here are seven tips and tricks to keep your digital locks secure. “A longer password is usually better than a more random password,” says Mark Burnett, author of Perfect Passwords, “as long as the password is at least 12-15 characters long.”

Can someone see my password?

Passwords are stored encrypted. That doesnt mean they cant have access to your account otherwise. If you store passwords within google chrome, and they copy your profile, they do copy your password database too. If they want, they can then go to settings and change your password.

What does it mean when your password has been compromised?

If a password (even a random or complex one) was exposed in a data breach, it can be used by attackers to try the same password on any other website that you use. It can also be used in a dictionary attack with other users.

Does changing WIFI password stop hackers?

2) Changing your network password A weak wifi password can make it a lot easier for hackers to crack your network. Just as your account passwords for other sites should be unique and changed often, so should the password for your wifi network. This makes it harder for hackers to crack your password and your network.

What is the most secure password?

According to the traditional advice—which is still good—a strong password:Has 12 Characters, Minimum: You need to choose a password thats long enough. Includes Numbers, Symbols, Capital Letters, and Lower-Case Letters: Use a mix of different types of characters to make the password harder to crack.More items •May 9, 2018

What is the best password?

How To Choose a Strong PasswordUse a mix of alphabetical and numeric characters.Use a mixture of upper- and lowercase; passwords are case sensitive.Use symbols if the system allows (spaces shouldnt be used as some applications may trim them away)More items

Should I write down my passwords?

Yes, its true writing down all your passwords on paper and keeping that hidden in your home is more secure than a password manager. But that does not mean its better. People who write down passwords are more likely to reuse passwords. Password reuse is the worst thing you can do when it comes to passwords.

How long is too long for a password?

“A longer password is usually better than a more random password,” says Mark Burnett, author of Perfect Passwords, “as long as the password is at least 12-15 characters long.”

Can someone see my Google password?

Chrome makes sure that your passwords and username are protected so they cant be read by Google. Important: You must be signed-in and syncing to Chrome to get these notifications. Important: This feature is only available if you have turned “Safe Browsing” on.

How does Google know someone knows my password?

1 Answer. Since Google has the password for the POP3 account it can check the common password dumps if the password is known publicly. They dont claim that somebody is actively using the password with your POP3 account, only that somebody knows it. And they urge you to change the password to protect your account.

How does Apple know my password is compromised?

Password monitoring is a built-in feature of iCloud Keychain, which stores and auto-fills account information on your Apple devices. According to Apple, your iPhone or iPad continuously checks the passwords youve saved in your Password AutoFill keychain against a list of passwords that have appeared in known leaks.

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