Question: How do you use two amps at once?

Why do people use 2 amps?

Many players use two amps for stereo techniques that require multiple loudspeakers. For example, many delay pedals have stereo outputs for “ping-pong” effects, in which repeats bounce back and forth between a pair of speakers.

Can I use both amp inputs at the same time?

It is not possible to be using both Line and Amp inputs at once. In other words, the Line input will cut the Amp-input signal as soon as you plug a jack into it, and you can only have one source going through the Torpedo Live.

Why do bands have amps on stage?

Usually, the amps on stage are just for stage volume and so the guitarist can hear himself. They then mic those amps up and run that through the PA system at the venue.

Can I run 2 guitars into 1 amp?

It is possible to mix the signal of two guitars before going in the amp. You can even plug two simultaneously into a single input with a simple Y-adaptor; you can mix the relative loudness with the volume pots (though it will be fiddly).

Can I plug two guitars into Deluxe Reverb?

Yes it can be done. But: the DR has reverb on only one channel, so one player has to do without. And theres no separation between the two guitar sounds, so its a challenge for each player to hear him/herself.

What is the best amp placement on stage?

A better placement would be to angle the amplifier so that its not directly facing the audience, but slightly off center, and closer angling to where the singer will be. Obviously, the downside of this is that the singer will get hit with the amp power, so thats something to consider.

How loud should my amp be?

As long as you have an amp you enjoy, typically anything above about 30 watts will be more than enough for most situations. If youre playing extremely loud metal music, maybe bump up to 40 just to be safe. After that, its all gravy (and headroom)!

How do you blend guitar amps?

3:1716:23ABY Pedals, Stereo & Wet/Dry Setups Explained! - YouTubeYouTube

Why do Fender amps have 2 inputs?

The #2 input is useful if you like to use pedals instead of your amp for gain/od. Also useful if you want a somewhat lower and presumably quieter signal through the preamp stages. Whats even more interesting than this though is Fender wired the inputs in such a way that if BOTH are used the attenuation is bypassed.

What does a 2 channel guitar amp mean?

In contrast to single-channel amps, dual-channel amps will have two different channels to change your tone. Multi-channel amps, usually solid-state amplifiers, can go up to four different ones. Typically, these amps will have one channel devoted to clean tones, while the other one will have overdrive or distortion.

How do you set amps on stage?

0:030:51Guitar Amp Placement on Stage - YouTubeYouTube

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